Save Money on Puddle Pads

Surprise Baby

Everybody loves to save money. Buying an organic crib mattress is the best way to ensure your baby isn’t being exposed to harmful chemicals that may have long-term negative health effects. The smartest, safest choice but definitely not the cheapest.

Along with buying the mattress, it’s advisable to purchase a moisture protection pad commonly referred to as a “puddle pad”. Puddle pads are great for keeping liquids from seeping into your baby’s mattress and protecting your investment. Now comes the saving money part….you can buy an organic latex mattress with a puddle pad exterior!

Now that’s a good idea. It saves about $100. Yep, that’s the going rate for a crib sized puddle pad. I know what you’re thinking. Wool, on the outside of a mattress? Won’t that be scratchy on my baby’s skin? Nope. The puddle pad material is soft to the touch. Put an organic cotton sheet on top and your baby will sleep like an angel.  And you won’t sleep so bad either knowing you’ve saved $100 bucks!

Written by Debbie, Owner of 

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