Every Family Needs an Heirloom

Classic Crib Hero  Let’s face it, we are a disposable society. Rather than repair something we are often too quick to give it a toss and replace it with new. But what if we changed our attitude about purchasing? What if we looked for products built to last and when properly taken care of stayed out of the landfill for generations.

When talking about furniture these pieces are referred to as heirloom. They are handmade and invoke a feeling of quality. Something you pay for once and it remains useful for your children and even their children. A kind of inheritance if you will.

If you are in search mode for nursery furniture to start your family heirlooms, consider a convertible crib from Cariboo. A crib built by hand from solid New Zealand Radiata timber and designed to grow with your child. Appropriate for newborns as a crib, toddlers as a toddler bed, and young teens as a sofa bed this crib is a workhorse. This convertible crib will become a part of your baby‘s childhood memories.

Imagine setting this crib up for your baby; fast-forward twenty something years and image this same crib being set up for your grandchild. A beautiful piece of furniture instilled with emotions from the past and dreams for the future.

Written by Debbie, Owner of Absolutely Organic Baby
Shop www.absolutelyorganicbaby.com

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