Are Organic Baby Mattresses Necessary?

Classic Crib Hero

If you’re a new parent, organic mattresses might be something you’ve been hearing a lot about. One of the greatest and most fun things about having a baby is choosing all the ways you want to comfort and provide for her. Your baby has a brand new lease on life, and in the nascent years, the decisions you make for her can positively affect her health and happiness. Starting her life on organic baby bedding may impact her favorably as she grows and develops!

Honestly, she’s so adorable awake, but in her formative months, she wants and needs to sleep more than anything. Sleep is precious to a child who has a developing mind and body, and since more time than ever will spent in her bed, parents want to make sure it’s safe and comfortable. Organic Baby Mattresses are the ultimate way to provide a child a snuggly zone while giving you peace of mind. Here’s why:

Comfort: Organic mattresses usually have a firm center core (made of organic latex or innersprings) and is wrapped in a comfort layer (organic cotton or wool) to help you sink in perfectly. Natural latex is firm, yet soft and supportive. This can alleviate pressure points and makes for optimum comfort and bone structure support, particularly important during growth development. Plus, it’s antimicrobial and resistant to allergen-triggers: mold and dust mites, which can irritate a developing immune system.

Safety: If you are an owner of a non-organic mattress, did you open up the plastic and smell that “new bed smell”? Think of that as freshness? Think again. Those are chemicals, either from the vinyl coating, or the antimony, a chemical used as a fire


blocker. Vinyl is great for cleaning, but it is not a breathable fabric and can cause reduction in airflow. Antimony may be linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. In fact, it’s quite possible that many SIDS cases are caused by the inhalation of chemical-filled vinyl mattresses, based on the “Back to Sleep” Campaign, where doctors advised parents to place their babies on their backs to sleep. Why this is effective is unknown, but it seems more than plausible to assume that when babies sleep face down, they are more directly breathing in residual chemicals fumes.

For all the worries a new parent endures, knowing that your baby is sleeping on a chemical-free bed can really help ease the mind. Organic baby mattress can give parents peace of mind that baby’s safest and most comfortable place is truly just that.

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