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When to Move Baby to Crib

Hannah Baby Moses Basket

The recommendation these days is to keep your newborn close at night. This has proven to reduce the chance of SIDS. SIDS is scary and all babies are at risk, especially from birth to 5 months. Most parents are opting for Bassinets, Cradles, Moses Baskets or CoSleepers because these make great options even in the smallest of bedrooms.

Parenting is a tough job,  add sleep deprivation to the mix and it becomes downright exhausting. Keeping your baby close at night means no matter how beat you feel at the end of the day, you’re not going to sleep through those tiny little cries that need tending.

Before long you’ll be adjusted to having your baby close. The thought of moving him into his own room so far away will test your comfort zone. But once he’s outgrown the bassinet, he must be moved to the safety of the crib. So, what is the sign that triggers this move? Well, the good news is your baby will let you know and your parental instinct will kick in to support the decision.

The medical community sets developmental milestones. One of these is the ability to roll over. This is your sign. When this happens, the once perfect sized bassinet will be too small to accommodate the needs of your growing infant. With his newly developed muscles, he’ll begin to work on pulling himself up. If he decides to do this one day after waking from a nap, the sides of the bassinet will no longer provide the necessary safety against falls. This is why moving him before he starts pulling up is so important.

The nice thing about parenting is your knowledge level grows with your child. Let’s hope we can all stay one step ahead!

Written by Debbie, Owner of Absolutely Organic Baby

Bassinets Have Come a Long Way, Baby!

Classic Bassinet with Activty Gym Mahogany

We love the Cariboo line of baby bassinets! The sleek, gently curving design is hand crafted from solid wood to create a beautiful piece of furniture. But it’s not just the looks we admire. It’s the versatility of the bassinet that deserves kudos.

The optional bassinet changer easily transforms the bassinet into a changing table. It quickly provides a comfortable and safe place to change diapers without taking up any additional space. 

The activity gym is the perfect option for keeping baby happy and entertained. It’s recommended that babies be put to bed while they are drowsy but not yet asleep.  This helps them learn how to soothe themselves and not rely on parents. The activity gym offers amusement and helps baby to relax whether dozing off to sleep or waking from a nap. Its clever design makes it simple to move about once baby is old enough for floor play.

There’s also an option for placing a veil around the bassinet to help protect baby’s eyes from bright sunlight. And, for longer use, it has a toy box conversion kit. All these benefits and a footprint small enough to fit into most apartment sized bedrooms.

The Cariboo Bassinet is beautiful, practical, multifunctional and built to last from one generation to the next. Its non-toxic finish is PBDE free making it a safe choice for your little one and a real value for you.

Written by Debbie, Owner of Absolutely Organic Baby