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Should Your Baby Sleep on a Used Mattress?

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The estimates for the first year costs of raising your baby range from a few thousand to over ten thousand dollars. Of course, this amount depends on personal choices and tastes but no doubt about it babies need a lot of stuff!

If you’re lucky you have family or friends that help keep the cost from becoming too painful. Passing maternity and baby clothes around really helps. Shopping second hand stores and garage sales are a great way to spend the day and score big.

So, what about your baby’s crib mattress? Does it make sense to buy used? Mattresses are like books, you can’t judge them by their cover. It’s what’s inside that may prove harmful to your baby. If a mattress has been stored in a damp basement the outside may look great but mold could be growing on the inside. Or the mattress may have been exposed to urine or spit up. Without proper cleaning these unsanitary conditions promote the growth of surface bacteria. Definitely not a risk you want to take when it comes to the health of your baby.

Mattresses don’t have to break the bank. Saving a little each month, say $30, will give you enough of a nest egg to buy a quality organic mattress by the time your little one arrives. It’s much easier to find an affordable organic crib mattress today than just five years ago. This is an example of the laws of supply and demand at work. As more parents research the health dangers in conventional mattresses, organic becomes the clear choice.

There are other ways to fund your crib purchase too. Try a “crib baby shower” where everyone donates cash. And don’t forget the grandparents who want only what’s best for their grandchild. If you’re planning on more than one child, a latex mattress may be the best choice. Latex (pure with no synthetic materials added) can easily last ten years or more. Split the cost of one mattress over two babies and it gets down right cheap.

No matter what creative path you take to obtain a new organic crib mattress, you can rest easy knowing your baby is getting the healthiest possible start in life.

Written by Debbie, Owner of AbsolutelyOrganicBaby.com
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Co Sleepers and Toxic Mattresses

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Co Sleepers are great for keeping your baby close at night. As a matter of fact the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends it to help reduce the chance of SIDS. But you may be exposing your baby to harmful chemicals if you use the mattress that comes with your Co Sleeper.

Most often they are made of foam. Foam is a very flammable material. In order to meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s regulations for flammability the foam must be treated with fire retardant chemicals. These chemicals are known to cause health problems in laboratory animals. It’s definitely not something you want to expose your baby’s developing lungs to.

It’s a simple solution. Replace the toxic mattress with an organic one. Organic infant mattresses are made without any harmful chemicals. They meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s regulation for flammability by using organic wool. Wool tends to smolder rather than burst into flames. This gives you and your baby more time should you ever be in danger from a fire.

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy an Organic Natural Latex Crib Mattress

Newborn and sibling

  1. Healthy Sleep Environment
    The number one reason for buying an organic natural latex crib mattress is to provide your child with a healthy sleep environment.
  2. Reduces the Risk of SIDS
    A latex mattress is firm. Both the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend a firm mattress to guard against SIDS.
  3. Free From Fire Retardant Chemicals
    In 2007 the US Consumer Product Safety Commission passed a mandatory flammability standard for mattresses. Studies have shown the chemicals used to meet these standards are harmful to humans and especially toxic to young children. One chemical known as chlorinated tris, was banned from children’s pajamas because of cancer causing concerns. Now it is showing up in children and adult mattresses to meet the flammability standard.1 A natural latex mattress is free of any fire retardant chemicals.
  4. No Harmful Off-Gassing
    The majority of crib mattresses are wrapped in vinyl as a means of waterproofing. Vinyl contains antimony, a heavy metal. Antimony leaches into the air surrounding your baby’s mattress. According to OSHA, exposure to antimony can lead to eye, heart and lung problems.2 Polyurethane foam contains toluene.3 Another chemical compound classified by OSHA as a potential human carcinogen.
  5. Hypoallergenic, Anti-microbial and Breathable
    The natural properties of a latex mattress make it dust mite resistant, hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. Bacteria, fungus, and dust cannot penetrate the latex core. Natural latex has a breathable quality reducing the amount of body heat and moisture retained in the core. You won’t find these properties in a synthetic foam mattress.
  6. Uniform Support
    A latex mattress will form to the contours of your baby’s body. This gives even support and reduces pressure points. Your baby will sleep comfortable all night long.
  7. Sustainable Resource
    The Rubber Tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) has latex ducts just under the surface of its bark. The tree is tapped and the latex is collected. Think maple syrup. The tree is not harmed and can be tapped approximately 180 days a year. The Rubber tree can live up to 100 years.
  8. Lasts Longer
    While a latex mattress provides comfort by conforming to the contours of your baby’s body, it will not leave a lasting impression. Natural latex is very resilient; it will last longer than a coil mattress due to its ability to hold its shape.
  9. Better for the Planet
    An organic latex mattress is wrapped in either organic cotton or organic wool. Organically grown cotton keeps harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers from entering our water table. It is healthier for the workers and supplies a healthier product for your baby. Organic wool is raised without the gross misuse of antibiotics. Maintaining the correct ratio of animals to pasture size keeps sheep naturally healthy.
  10.  Support American Made
    It’s true; we have no rubber trees in America. The latex is imported. But if you do your research, you can find companies who complete the mattress making process in America using American made products. Buying products made in America should make you feel proud knowing you are helping to secures jobs and stimulate the surrounding economy.

Written by Debbie, Owner of AbsolutelyOrganicBaby.com


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