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Co Sleepers and Toxic Mattresses

Baby in headband Large

Co Sleepers are great for keeping your baby close at night. As a matter of fact the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends it to help reduce the chance of SIDS. But you may be exposing your baby to harmful chemicals if you use the mattress that comes with your Co Sleeper.

Most often they are made of foam. Foam is a very flammable material. In order to meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s regulations for flammability the foam must be treated with fire retardant chemicals. These chemicals are known to cause health problems in laboratory animals. It’s definitely not something you want to expose your baby’s developing lungs to.

It’s a simple solution. Replace the toxic mattress with an organic one. Organic infant mattresses are made without any harmful chemicals. They meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s regulation for flammability by using organic wool. Wool tends to smolder rather than burst into flames. This gives you and your baby more time should you ever be in danger from a fire.

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